Drew introduced me to Charles Bukowski's work while we were dating. Some of it is pretty graphic, some of it unbelievably beautiful, always broken. This is my favorite poem, read by another of Drew's heroes, Tom Waits:  https://youtu.be/DhM-Dm2PHHo

One of our lovely nieces, Brittney, read "The Laughing Heart" at our wedding. Very moving.

Bukowski made Drew's hero wall because the writer shares his raw perspective from the gutter he grew up in, but has an enormous amount of hope. He was able to find beauty in the ugliest places and circumstances. He also put himself on a very strict writing regimen, which included writing everyday, all day, with a small reward at the end of each day. Drew aspires to be as honest and voracious in his songwriting.  

There is a new album (still!) in the works, which takes its name from a Bukowski poem. A little preview of what's to come... 

Born into this 
Walking and living through this 
Dying because of this 
Muted because of this 
Because of this 
Fooled by this 
Used by this 
Pissed on by this 
Made crazy and sick by this 
Made violent 
Made inhuman 
By this


A few of Drew's other favorites: 

*The Shoelace 



I will sign off this Tuesday with some words of wisdom from the great Bukowski:

"You can't beat death, but you can beat death in life..."


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