Holiday Hüga

Beautiful banjo light in our holiday hüga hüs! We have been busy making our little cabin festive while trying to slow down and enjoy the moment. 


Daddy's Boy

This kid really loves Daddy.

He is such a sweetheart and a cuddler. It makes me happy that he gets so much time with Drew.




It has been a week...

I was going strong on this blogging thing, but some life stuff happened, and I lost my momentum. Two sick little boys, holiday preparations, and searching for a reliable vehicle took up most of our time. But we had lots…


Today's photo is a throwback to summer. Partly because we already miss summer meals on the lake and all of the fresh food available during that time, and partly because we had Pizza Hut last night, and that's not very…

#vinylcollection - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Title: Second Helping  

Drew's Faves on this album:  

Everyone knows most songs on this album. Good stuff.


#HeroWall - Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph (Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt) made the hero wall for a lot of reasons. There is so much you can read about him. 

The story Drew loves about him is how he fought for his land and his people. In 1855…

#Show - Aegir and pickin'

A rare weekend coming up with only one show on Friday at Aegir Brewing in Elk River. If you have read my previous posts, you know I love this place. If you haven't read them, check out #shows - Aegir…

#NowPlaying-Drew's movie pick of the week "Wristcutters"

Title: Wristcutters: A Love Story 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime  

Why Drew chose it: "I'm not big on romantic comedies, which technically this would be...though it should be noted that this is a movie about suicide. So I…

#projectsandprojectsandmoreprojects - kitchen floor

As I mentioned, if we can't find a product that fits what we are looking for, Drew can usually figure out a way to create it, repurpose something, build it... 

We went back and forth about what we wanted…

#DrewQuirks-Shirts & Socks

If you see Drew out and you think he never changes his clothes, don't worry. He does. 

Drew has 20 pairs of the same socks. 

He has 10 blue t-shirts with a pocket on the front and a…


We always get a free turkey from Coborn's. They keep track of how much money you spend for a month or so leading up to Thanksgiving, and if you spend enough, you get a free turkey.

So, we pulled…

#vinylcollection - The Police

Artist: The Police 


Title: Reggatta de Blanc 


Drew's Faves on this album: 


Does Everyone Stare 

But there's not a bad song on the album.